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Ethercat 16 bit integer PDO


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We are using Kollmorgen drive and configured PDO 6077 (Actual torque). This PDO is 16 bit integer. This data is signed integer data in the drive. However in the controller we are getting this as 16 bit unsigned integer. Can anyone tell me how to map this data in Ethercat so that I get directly signed integer?
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I ran into similar issue with Yaskawa drives.


I fixed it by opening up the Yaskawa ESI file matching the drive and then changing the data-type on the torque entry from UINT to INT

and then re-importing the updated ESI back into PowerPMAC IDE.


After that, the data was mapped correctly into the PowerPMAC as a signed integer..

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Just wondering if you found a solution to this. I'm seeing the same thing with PDO 0x6077 Actual Torque.

Also I'm having issues with scaling the Motor[1].pDac to Target Torque (0x6071) which is a 16 bit number. Just wondering if you found a solution. 



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