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PPMAC Custom VB.NET application


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Dear All,

I'm new to Power PMAC and recent updates to PDK. I'm trying to develop a custom GUI for a machine using Power PMAC. We got the license for the PDK and I had activated the same. Currently I need some help in order where to start with. I couldn't find any manual as such except the samples on the PDK folder.


Can I request someone to provide me some guidance on how to communicate to PPMAC and subsequently query and send commands.


Thank you in advance.




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Hi Raghav,


I have a useful document that has some GUI examples using the PDK and contains the code or instruction needed to communicate with PMAC. If you want, just send me an email at shadi.makarem@omron.com and I can send you the attachment, the document is too large to attach on a forum post.





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Hi Steve,

I'm facing an issue with the Power PMAC IDE. The application crashes a couple of times while trying to add motor, see the CPU Core Mgt. and particular when I try to enter into the Tuning option. Currently no physical axes are connected to the PPMAC. I'm using a PPMAC CPU 460x (firmware 2.0.01) and IDE version


Any advice?




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The 460 CPU does not support "Core Mgt."


Also, that FW is too old for the later IDEs. I would suggest using the most recent vs 3.x ( IDE:



Alternatively, upgrade your FW. Please contact technical support at ODT-Support@omron.com for FW options.

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We would like to upgrade the components and existing the controller, digital IO, and auto-guiding is supporting for visual basic 6 platforms.




List of components purchased for applications:


We have a CK3M controller, We would like to use the Visual Studio 2019 as a common platform.



1. Motion controller (CK3M),


2. digital IO board from Measurement computing


3. Auto guiding camera PCI express card from Mintron.


The attached documents mention that clearly, The IDE is developed in visual studio platform(Refer pg no:6 CK3M)






we have purchased the PDK and visual studio software 2019 platform.

We will use the visual studio platform, motion controller function which was used in IDE, and along with our requirements of other digital IO and auto-guiding PCI express card function, can we write in the visual studio 2019?





Share the development activities scheme and required manual for the same.



Can you write an elaborate email for the GUI development activities to combine all the three boards in the same platform ? Share the code if you have anything related to this.



Advance thanks for your support.





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The applications and support group for the ODT Forums cannot provide applications development, but we can answer any “specific” development questions you have. Note that you can hire an Omron Field Applications Engineer (in your area) to help with your development:



There are also a “Value Added” sales channels and third party Integrators you can hire:



The PDK manual is installed with the software. See “Power PMAC development kit (PDK) manual.pdf” in the installation directory. Installing the trial version will install the manual. The PDK can be used with MVS (Microsoft Visual Studio) 2019.


Note that the IDE installs its own MVS “independent” platform.

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