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PWM output/ Clipper/Spindle


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Hello, I am currently working on Clipper PLUS T3 controller.

It is an 8axis clipper .


I am using amp 1,2,3 as a milling machine.

I want to integrate the spindle to the PMAC Controller and require DAC output.

From the thread below I setup I variables.

Looked at this thread but could not find an answer



Same as the thread I would like to use DAC output from axis 6.


This is what I set






// Output Mode , PWM

I7126=0 ; default


// Maximum Output

I669=1090 ; DAC limit 10 Vdc


Then (I600=0 (motor not active)) M602=545

however it did not show 5V.


From the manual I found out that output6A(amp6 a output) is pin #4 but is it correct?

If I set I600=1 Other pins have Voltage according to the manual but pin 4, 5 is always zero.


Can anyone help with this issue?

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Which manual are you referring to? What is Clipper PLUS T3 Controller?


With I600 = 0, you do not need to set I669. Is M602 pointer correct? Did you download the suggested M variables?


With I600=1, do you see voltage output with #6Ox command(s)?


I am deleting the thread in the Power PMAC forum as this is a Turbo PMAC issue.

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