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So I am trying to add a rotation stage to an almost straight download NC16 Project with 3 linear axis.  When I go through the motor setup Test and Set it can activate the Motor seen by looking at PWM amplifier display but the Terminal cannot and neither will the tune tools (as they are sending terminal commands).  This makes me think I missed something simple I have to add to the PLC.


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I adjusted the info in the PowerPmacNC.ini to have 4 motors with X,Y,Z,A and assigned the Motors to 1,2,3,5.  I also set up the coordinate system for 5->A

What I found when going through the PLC for NC16 is that the spindle based commands are a mix of SpindleAxis variable and a ton of Motor 4 specific commands making it tough to use Motor 4 without a lot of recoding and checking. 

I added in the commands for Motor 5 and have almost got it working.  Currently I see that the R position displayed is not mapping to the right value but the DTG value is correct.




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This A position issue seems to have been that the base NC16 files have the Positions ordered as X,Z,Y,B,C in the P assignments so I add A initial as P105 but the NC16 is looking at P103 for the 4th position so need to move the Aposition to P103.

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