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Print debug information to PowerPMAC Terminal or telnet remote session in motion programs


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Printing to the terminal window in the IDE from another source isn't especially easy. A better option would be to use the "Unsolicited Messages" window, which was designed to do exactly that. It is available under the "Delta Tau" dropdown menu, and by default it will listen on "Buffer 0". You can then use the "send" command in the motion program to broadcast a message out on Buffer 0 for the Unsolicited Messages window to receive.


You can find more information about the Unsolicited Messages window in the IDE manual, included with the IDE under the Help dropdown. You can find more information about the "send" command in the Power PMAC Software Reference Manual, in the "Power PMAC Program Command Specification" section, including a few examples. 

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That is an option however, the sice of the unsolicided messages buffer is such that my aplication keeps sending data long after the send() command has changed. I am building a state machine i C and for debuging i wanted to cotinuisly print the current state and the current action. When the state changes, the buffer is aleady full of entries from the previous state therefore is keeps printing that state.

Is it posible to decrease the size of the buffer to beter catch this changes? if not, printf would be a better option as it does not have a buffer. could you explain how to set up the printf() scheme with Putty?

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