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CK3W-ECS300, Incremental Encoder

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I am working on the electrical design for a new system where CK3W-ECS300 would ideal.

We have 3 Renishaw Linear incremental encoders (A, !A, B, !B, Z, !Z) to interface the ODT controller with for the position loop on linear ball screw stages.

I just noticed that the CK3W-ECS300 – Supports only the serial protocols only.

  On other modules (i.e AX1515) I can use the 15 pin connector for incremental encoders and seems like the wiring on the ECS300 leaves those same pins (1,5)(6,10)(2,7)(3,8) available. 


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The only option for the ECS-300 encoder module (that I am aware of) are built/used only for serial protocol, these being:

BiSS, EnDat2.2, and 1S (R88M-1L[]/[]-1M[] Motor built-in encoder). Don’t believe there is an option for digital quadrature option as this module was created specifically for the additional serial protocols (DATA+, DATA-, CLK+, CLK-) that were not originally included into the DSPGATE3 ASIC units.

In general, the connector arrangement for CK3W-AX1313[], CK3W-AX1414[], CK3W-AX1515[] are able to use the digital quadrature option. As for the amplifier options of the CK3W-AX1414 is for filtered PWM and CK3W-AX1515 for Analog (True Dac).

 The following serial protocols are built into the DSPGATE3 ASIC for the Axis Interface Module Units:

0: No serial protocol (quadrature)

1: SPI

2: SSI

3: Heidenhain EnDat2.1/2.2

4: Stegmann Hiperface

5: Yaskawa Sigma I

6: Yaskawa Sigma II/III

7: Tamagawa

8: Panasonic

9: Mitutoyo

10: Kawasaki

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