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Is there a way in the Power PMAC to determine what percentage of a programmed move is complete?    We use Coord[].Nsync to determine which block is executing, but is there a way to tell what percentage of that block is complete?  I didn't see anything in the Coord[] structure.   I guess we could use the pread and tread commands to calculate it for linear moves but circular moves would be tricky.

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There isn't really any pre-made structure to tell you where you are, no, usually if customers need it, they'll either use a workaround (like you said) or increase their resolution of their path (commanding many smaller moves so they can track it with Nsync).


That said, take a look at the "Axis Target Position and Distance-to-Go Reporting" section of the Power PMAC User's Manual--it may be able to help. It's not directly a percentage, but it may help you at least determine where you are presently inside of a move.

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