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The Problems Encountered in the Programming of Full Circle Motion


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Equipment: CK3M+1313N adopts PWM controlled laser equipment, XY linear motor, and Z-axis PFM controlled rotary server.
On-site problems: When encountering a full-circle cutting, the equipment sometimes skips directly, resulting in the product not being cut completely.
Motion programs found on site that did not involve cutting
Open Prog 11
f120; ta0; ts0
linear X290.752 Y390.316
dwell 0
f72; ta0; ts8
circle2 X290.752 Y390.316 I29.9997 J0.1299
linear X0
dwell 0
while(P1 > 0){P2=1;dwell 5}

Remote assistance testing found:
The command I29.9997 J0.1299 is downloaded into the controller and run, and the circular motion of the motor is skipped directly without error and other reminders;
If J0.1299 is changed to J0.12 or other values are downloaded into the controller and run, it can run out of the full circle.

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The issue is that a circle with the same start and end coordinates can be interpreted two ways, either as a full circle ending back at the same coordinate, or a zero length arc starting and ending in the same place.

 Rounding errors or internal logic may dictate either solution at run time.

 The best solution is to break any full circles into two semi circles. This way there can be no confusion.


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