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Replace Turbo PMAC2 3U CPU with PowerPMAC?


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Currently have a TurboPMAC2 3U, 4 axis interface, encoder/stepper/ 48 out/ 24in in a rack. Can I replace the TurboPMAC with a PowerPMAC? 

I'm about to update a customers pmacLite/ISA/Win95 from 20 years ago.  It has some PLC programs and ocx communication library? But I doubt I can replicate the win95/ visual basic UI, and purchase communications library.  I can't even find PEWIN32 - although it is on customer machine, so I can offload those text based programs. 



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I think I found answer.
The Power PMAC UMAC CPU board can communicate with all of the accessory boards that the older Turbo PMAC2 UMAC CPU board (603766-10x) could use. In addition, it can communicate with a new generation of “PMAC3” UMAC accessory boards for motion, MACRO ring, and I/O that employ a new generation ASIC and a 32-bit data bus on the backplane.

Going to try this out. Maybe it is only way to upgrade as PEWIN is not available for download.  

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