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CK3M ETHERCAT CPU-111 + AX1515n + MD7110 + MD7120 , Problems


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Dear Sir,

             We have  CK3M ETHERCAT CPU-111 + AX1515n + MD7110 + MD7120  installed for a 6 axis  Reshrpening Machine. 5 servo's are of Delta ASDA-A2-E 1Khz Ethercat and 1 VFD for Spindle. we are facing certain problems in configuring and using the setup which are as follows. 

the PC config is Advantek Indl. core I7 CPU with 8gb ram and 1th SSD. with win 64bit OS.

        1)    Power Pmac IDE 4.3 hangs frequently after configuring and Tuning delta asda-a2-e EtherCat Motors  on Windows 8.1 pro and win 7 64bit. Kindly suggest proper system cpu frequency settings. currently we used 4khz phase and 1khz servo freq,

         2)  initially first AX1515N unit became faulty due to some component got burnt. hence we replaced it with a new one. after the whole stsyem was setup and we were uploading PLC and Motion profiles.

         3) suddenly since yesterday, CK3M cpu has stopped detecting   any hardware like AX1515n + MD7110 + MD7120, though the Ethercat acountis master is working but hangs after 15-20 mins of use. 

        3) we are not able to set diff phase freq. and its automatically sets similar as the servo freq. 1khz. by default.. tried "$$$***" to reset to factory default but it wont help.

        4) currently Ck3m CPU is only detecting Ethercat Master and do not recognises the remaining hardware attached to it.  attahced herewith some pics to explain the cou details and current condition.


will replacing or upgrading the firmware can help???


kindly send your suggestions.


Bhagesh Lokhande.

ckem ecat error msg.PNG

ck3m cpu.PNG

ck3m pic..PNG

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Please make sure the devices are all properly connected--it may be useful to disconnect and reconnect them all.

What is the response to Sys.Gate3AutoDetect?

On each of the modules (AX module, MD modules) there should be a rotary switch for addressing. Make sure these are all at unique addresses (likely 0, 1, and 2).

If you just have a single module (Power Supply + CPU + either AX1515 -OR- MD7110 -OR- MD7120), does the device show up? 


If the address switches are set at unique values, then please try each module one at a time to verify they work on their own, and if they do, then try two modules at a time and see if they work. 

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