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EtherCAT configuration on Power PMAC


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I know that we can add a slave by scaning the EtherCAT network on Power PMAC IDE (clicking on the master) etc.

But, I wanted to know if someone know how I can do it by using commands. 

For example, I can activate EtherCAT network if I click on the Master then --> Activate EtherCAT network but it is also possible to activate the network with the command : ECAT[i].Enable = 1)

Thank you in advance,


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It is not easily possible, and in general is not supported. Theoretically, though...


Using the "system" command, users can issue Linux commands through the IDE terminal (or from a PLC/motion program). If the user were to change the ENI file, then issue "ecat reset" to re-initialize the EtherCAT stack, it is possible. Seeing as the EtherCAT stack always uses "eni.xml" located in /var/ftp/usrflash/Project/Configuration, If you made multiple different ENI files on your PMAC, such as--


eni.xml                     <-The one PMAC will use

eni-Config1.xml    <--The first possible configuration you'll encounter

eni-Config2.xml    <--The second possible configuration you'll encounter


You could overwrite eni.xml with one of your configurations, then issue "ecat reset" and PMAC will load your config. There are still potential problems, such as if pointers change, or if ECAT[x].IO[y].Data that were being used (possibly by firmware for motor-related purposes) now contain different data, so you would likely need to change more than just that, however it is an option.


Another option (that is supported) would be to make a singular ENI file that contains all possible devices, then selectively enable/disable devices with ECAT[i].Slave[j].Enable. I believe this requires firmware 2.7.x.x, but now your EtherCAT mapping would always be consistent which may simplify things.

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