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How to use PowerBrickContoller to controll two phase current mode amplifier?


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Our PowerBrickContoller's model P/N is PBC8-H24-330-AE00300 (manufactured in 2019), the amplifier is GLENTEK's SMC 9G16-23-001-AA100-A1-1-2. The user manual (version 2017) only shows how to configure common Non-Commutated Motor Setup Elements. But we need PowerBrickContoller  to commutate, and the amplifier to do the close current loop. And the user manual (version 2022.7.28) explained the command how to configure that PBC to do the commutation, and the amplifier to do the close current loop. But we still can't control the amplifier, the voltage between DACA+ and GND in AMP connector looked like square wave form but not the sin wave form as we expected. Meanwhile, the motor is vibrating when we use #1out0.1.

In manual version 2017, the gate3[0].dacStrobe's value is $7fffe000, but in manual (version 2022) the gate3[0].dacStrobe's value is $ffff0000. There is voltage output (between DACA+ and GND in AMP connector) when we set gate3[0].dacStrobe=$7fffe000, but there is no voltage output when we set gate3[0].dacStrobe=$ffff0000. Besides setting gate3[0].dacStrobe=$7fffe000, do we need set other related parameters for commutation in PBC?

Can you show us the whole configure in forms of manual 2017 page 156, so we can use them easier.

Badly for your help.

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The correct “DacStrobe” setting for the Power Brick Controller is $7FFFE000. This is documented in the current (May 20, 2022) Power Brick Controller manual on page 157:



The “Power PMAC User’s Manual” describes the set up for commutation with two DACs in the section “Setting Up for Sine-Wave Output Control” starting on page 257, except “DacStrobe” must be “$7FFFE000”, but the other settings there should be used – especially the “Motor Software Setup” starting on page 259:



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