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PowerPMAC IDE sending "Hold" command when I using Parameter information.


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Some time  Some motor not moving because coordinate feed 0%.

This problem is reproduced in the following situations:

- Incorrect command is issued to show the value of array data

   'h' is included in the name of the array , and is recognized as this "Hold" command.



 -  It is same when I using terminal ( feed will go to zero)



So I didn't use parameter information.

but the function is very useful. 



Is there a solution?


Thank you.



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"- Incorrect command is issued to show the value of array data"


As you stated, if the correct name (with index--"gHomeEna(0)" instead of "gHomeEna") is issued, this should not cause problem.

However, if you are concerned about user issuing wrong command, you can set Sys.NoShortCmds = 1.

This will disable the "short" version of all commands, so "H" will no longer be valid, and instead "Hold" must be used.

However, it will also disable short versions of other commands.



There is no way to only disable "H" command, so it would either be all short commands or none.

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