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I have a Power PMAC UMAC type controller with which I am communicating via ethernet protocol and trying to setup a voice coil motor with an analog linear encoder. I am using the motor setup topology in which I entered the amplifier information and voice coil information. But,

1. When I get to the encoder block, I enter the information and as soon as I click on Save, a connection error shows up (see image "connection_error"). Thereafter, in order to save these changes, I would have to click on connection setup and re-establish the connection between the Power PMAC and IDE (which shows connected all this time, even when the connection error pops up), and only then it allows to save the encoder block parameters. Also, this does not save in the true sense, because if I close and reopen the IDE, all the motor parametes and amplifier parameters along with hardware interface block parameters seem to be saved, but the encoder block does not get saved.

2. After (temporarily) saving the encoder parameters. when I get to the interactive feedback block, I do not see any signal from the encoder. I am not sure what the problem is. Your help is really appreciated. Thanks.



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It sounds like 1 is the real issue and 2 happens because encoder settings aren't properly saved.

Can you please share...?
Your IDE version, firmware version, and CPU type. (in the green bar at the top of the IDE)
A screenshot of the encoder setup page.
A screenshot of the motor setup topology page.

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This would be a technical support issue.
Please contact ODT's direct technical support with your full issue details at:

You can also contact Omron TSG at "ia.techsupport@omron.com" but make sure to have PMAC or Delta Tau in the subject line for proper routing.

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