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  1. I am also having this issue. Is there a fix for boards that have this issue? I'm an engineer, I appreciate this information. Anyhow, can we get the bootloader updated, or are we stuck with this issue on these two boards? I guess I can rig an NTP time sync for now on these two boards. Its really only a pain at this point when I need to write new data to the disk and don't want old timestamps on everything. So far that is only installing packages and init scripts but at some point we'll add logging and things like that to the system. Thanks again, KEJR
  2. Ok, On our power pmac with no USB devices connected other than what Delta Tau has connected internally, the following message is in the /var/log/syslog file and is constantly repeated. Nov 15 00:09:19 powerpmac kernel: hub 1-1:1.0: over-current change on port 4
  3. I am currently getting the following message on the console hub 1-1:1.0 over-current change on port 4 Is this a hardware failure?
  4. /usr/local/bin/powerpc-405-linux-gnu-ar.exe [quote='hongchinlin_992x' pid='2535' dateline='1318348367'] Could you provide the "ar" program of cygwin? I need this program to create library files. I know the IDE does not accept user-provided library and rewrites the makefile each time. I am using cygwin to directly to compile the model. I will modify the makefile after the IDE generates the first makefile. [/quote]
  5. eboman11

    C Debugger

    I tried the C Debug as descibed in the doc file but I keep getting a failure to file file error. What follows is the output window after a complete build and download and then trying to start Debug on capp1.out. The file does exist in the propper directory. 1) Why dose the IDE generate the File Not Found Error ? Please wait while downloading to Power Pmac. Downloading capp1.out to Power Pmac. Downloading fred.out to Power Pmac. Downloading librtiplcc.so to Power Pmac. Downloading libplcc.so to Power Pmac. Downloading usralgo.so to Power Pmac. Downloading usralgo.ko to Power Pmac. Downloading usralgo.so to Power Pmac. Downloading global definitions.pmh to Power Pmac. Downloading subprog1.pmc to Power Pmac. Downloading prog1.pmc to Power Pmac. Downloading plc1.plc to Power Pmac. Downloading pp_startup.txt to Power Pmac. Downloading pp_disable.txt to Power Pmac. Downloading pp_proj.ini to Power Pmac. uploading pp_error.log file from the Power Pmac. uploading pp_proj.log file from the Power Pmac. uploading pp_error_hist.log file from the Power Pmac. uploading pp_proj.h file from the Power Pmac. Downloading PowerPmac4.ppproj to Power Pmac. Uploading and syncing PMAC variables. Download Successful. Unable to start program 'C:\sw\PPMAC\PowerPmac4\PowerPmac4\bin\debug\capp1.out'. The system cannot find the file specified. A re-install of the PPMAC IDE reset/setup the propper registry keys. This solved the problem of not being able tofind the file. I am getting the same error. Tried re-installing and also un-installing and then re-installing and it has not fixed the problem.
  6. How do I setup the RTI rate? I want it to interrupt every 10ms.
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