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  1. Eric you are right, I think this is part of the SDK. Because the SDK is not completely open at the moment, I see this MCF Developer's Guide 2.3.pdf document and feel that I can do HMI to solve the problems I am currently facing. This is just my thought. If the NC team does not help, this problem is indeed difficult to solve. I believe that other customers will encounter the same problem. Well this is actually an array issue and not an issue at all once you understand the system. The edits to make this work are on the ppmac side not the HMI side. The file ncinterfacedefinitions.pmh is where the edits take place then all will be write with the world. The axis order has everything to do with how the edits take place. I have run into this many times and very easy to correct.
  2. I believe there is an app note for the ECC203 & SL-3300 that was written by Mike Esposito. There was a lot of time and effort utilized to get that working properly and consistently, but it has been stable ever since. They are running together on about 25 machines at OEM and more added every week.
  3. Has there been success or testing with the KEB Automation drive products? Fought with there F6K drive, sent back for testing(nothing wrong), and OEM gave up on product. The F6K would power-up ok and the ECat LED's would come to life like normal until CK3E would attempt to enable ECat then drive ECat LED would go red and the slave could be seen during an "ecat reset" but never goes to PreOp state. The CK3E error is $98110024. One note about the KEB drives: They don't have the ability to set address through hardware, it bases its address on where its plugged in the chain.
  4. Don't forget to Incremental Arc Center vs Absolute Arc Center. You don't have G90.1 or G91.1 defined in Program 1000.
  5. With PVT mode your program has to be written to control the blend at such a transition acc/dec and velocity. This can be "fun" (sarcasm) at a direct reversal since you want to bring velocity to zero then back up to desired velocity. Therefore the block at reversal brings velocity to Zero and the next block set velocity back to desired velocity. Now acc/dec may need modification as well through the transition. As Dave mentioned LINEAR with Lookahead active makes this very simple since the velocity Ixx16 and acc/dec limits Ixx17 are active and firmware prevents exceeding them through all moves of the program.
  6. Unfortunately I don't get on here enough or I could have easily directed you on this. I use a PLC dedicated to switching between Kinematic(I)/Tool Point vs Joint Mode(XYZAB) which works very well. Another note on tool point in NCPro2 is you must use G43.1 H# and then add/subtract offset in the kinematics routine. The G43 H# will manipulate the parsed positions based on the offsets which if you are not aware of this it will drive you nuts trying to find out why it works testing directly in Pmac, but not from NcPro2.
  7. In your logic around the start of the jog command I would wait for inposition and desired velocity zero after the ABORT before starting the jog. This plays into what Steve mentioned above. I have had the issue you describe only the resulting profile was a lot worse. It has to be a timing issue since it only happens 1 in 500 times.
  8. That would have been my first thought is Spindle At Speed. You can also use G25/26 for testing this type of thing. Spindle Speed Detect ON & OFF. I have run into this more time than I can count. Does this machine use encoder feedback to determine speed or the analog feedback? Also note that the yellow bar sometimes gets out of sink especially while mcodes are executing & McodeAtFront registry settings also play a part.
  9. This is handled in the Reset PLC. The rewind section is towards the end.
  10. All of the M-Variables used in the Advantage 900 system are in the header files. Adv900.h, Address.h, Oem.h, and a End User Specific header file "YourMachine"_UserDefines.h. These do not match the suggested M-Variables at the end of the Software Reference Manual so be careful with that. This is also the names used through out the GMT Files and the Standard Plc's & Pmc's.
  11. There is a way to change the functionality of the buttons with Designer, but I think you want columns added for instance Geometric Tool Offsets vs Tool Z Length vs Cut Comp and Wear. Now the registry can be modify to display and make use of additional columns. You can add the geometric for XY for sure, but if you want additional buttons they would need to be added with Designer. Example: These 2 entries control what gets displayed in the Tools Page. [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\PMAC\Device0\Nc0\NCUI 32\Tool Offsets] "toolOfsAxis"="ZZWWRR" "toolOfsAxisType"="010147" Z Axis - ZZ -> 0=Geometry 1=Wear W Axis - WW -> 0=Geometry 1=Wear Cut Comp - RR -> 4=Diameter/Radius 7=Wear Example 2: Spindle w 90 degree 23 (12 X & 12 Y) head multi-drill common drill point in corner offset from spindle center line. Common drill point entered as a Geometric Tool Offset on the Tools page. The OFFSET pages has all the axis buttons defined and those get turned ON/OFF with the registry also though there is one slight issue with the order that can be confusing, but easy to work around.
  12. Yes I have run NCPro2 on Windows 7. Main thing is the correct driver must loaded. The signed driver may not be part of the NC download yet. If not you have to download the latest PeWinPro2 and install over the top of NC so the signed driver is available and then it worked fine. It has been very stable in a production environment so far.
  13. The USB typically max throughput is 600-800 blocks per sec. For high block throughput PCI is best. You can get higher than 1000 blocks per sec but you may have to play with clock settings to go faster than that. DNC should not be required if buffers are setup correctly. The program would have to be bigger than you PC hard drive for this to be an issue. I have customers running programs over 100MB, but searching for mid program starts can be painful do to search speed. Careful with parametrics when using large programs also.
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