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  1. Thanks, Therefore I will reference to TURBO manual with statement of your post.
  2. Dear all, I am writing thesis about the device that I developed using Delta Tau Turbo PMAC. Since I am pointing out on some characteristics of PMAC, I would like to ask you if you could address where I can find the accuracy of the Crystal Clock oscillator. I found in the user manual that is 50 ppm or 10 ppm. Is this related to the frequency that crystal clock oscillator has? This is a bit confusing, therefore I would like to find something that tells what is the uncertainty of the frequency and how much this can influence the calculation of the Time to Move, or similar calculation of time. If you could suggest some white papers, publish materials, conference proceedings or similar I would be very happy. Thanks in advance
  3. A bit off-topic, but where I can download PMAC Servo Analyser? It is unavailable at the Delta Tau web site!
  4. Hi Gregs, Correctly if I am wrong, if I want to address one of the available M variables , like for example M33, to point to the register of motor one that indicates desired velocity I should do it like this: M33->D:$000x86/06
  5. Dear all, I can read out the actual speed via varible M166, that has the next address: M166->x:$9D,24,S Hence, I would like to dedicate certain M variables in order to read both commanded and actual speed and acceleration. How to do this?
  6. Is there way to simply with one command delete all PLC's and Motion Programs, instead of deleting one by one? I read User Manual, did not help me that much regarding this....
  7. Thanks for the help, As I was suspicious about Isx87 variable, it turns out to be that it was set to 500, therefore, that's why I saw this 250ms at the beginning and end of each commanded move. I decreased this to 1ms, now it is just as I wanted to be!
  8. Hi, Can someone indicate what sets of variables I should check and change in order to decrease a pause that appears between two DWELL0 moves. With Look-ahead turned off a next move starts after roughly 250 ms, which I want to decrease to least possible. Thanks in advance
  9. Thank you CharlesP, I will try both solutions.
  10. Dear all, I am trying to setup a dynamic coordinate system, which is able to make a compensation for moves due to external factors such as misplacing of the device on the ground. What I tried is to do something like this: #1-> X + P1000 #2-> Y + P1001 ,where P1000 should be an offset for motor 1, and P1001 is an offset for motor 2. I am getting error when I try to make a coordinate system in above described procedure. What is the best way to make actually "dynamic" offset for motors. I prefer to do it by changing the coordinate system, and avoiding adding offsets directly to each move I want to perform with predefined motion programs. Thank you in advance.
  11. Dear all, I have two motors, and the third one is used as a phantom motor for sending trigger signal to my laser source. Trigger signal is sent by typical Jog command in my case: #3J+ (Motor 3 is a phantom motor) When I plot the velocity profile, it takes around 0.3 s to get to the constant velocity. I set these values in order to achieve an instantaneous (as close as possible) velocity. I319 = 10000 (maximum acceleration) I317 = 10000 (jog move acceleration) I320 = 1 (acceleration time for Jogging) I321 = 0 ( S curve acc time) With these parameters I should be able to achieve more or less a square profile of my velocity at the "phantom" motor, since it only sends trigger signal and do not perform any move. But I am not succeeding. I am sending the plot of the velocity profile (actual vs commanded). I hope that you can help me.
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