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  1. If I make many substaintaily additions then I'll post them up here. The machine that Im working on still uses LabVIEW 7.1, so I was glad (and a little surprised) to see that your VIs opened for me.
  2. Brian, I'm using your example successfully. Thanks for sharing it. -Jesse
  3. PMAC tuning pro was working correctly earlier. Now, when it tries to download the auto-generated PLC code it generates an error because it puts the string "(null)" on five lines. Here is the contents of C:\Program Files\Delta Tau\PMAC Executive Pro2 Suite\PmacTuningPro2\PositionStepTurbo#3.pmc: ;Position Step Trajectory Program For Turbo (null) (null) (null) (null) (null) M923->* M902->* M922->* M921->* M920->* M919->* M913->* M914->* M923->* M902->X:0,24 M922->X:$10F0,24 M921->X:$10F1,24 M919->X:$6,19 M913->D:$00188 M914->Y:$1c0,2,1 OPEN PLC 31 CLEAR M919=1 M913=M913+P907 M921=M902 WHILE(M902-M921ENDW M913=M913-P907 M922=M902 WHILE(M902-M922ENDW M919=0 DISABLE PLC 1..31 P901=123 CLS M923=12345 #3J/DEFGAT GAT ENDG I48=0 DEFGAT I5=I5|2 P907=1000*I308*32 P906=500*8388608/I10 P901=-1 I3=2 #3J/ ENA PLC 31
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