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  1. I have a question about the Power PMAC Development Kit V 1.0.0.X (My CD is dated 08/27/13) When I am installing the CD and get to the last screen is asks to check the help I want to install, but selecting the check boxes does nothing. I need instructions on how to load the help in the developers studio online help. It does seem to load these files (see attached) but I do not know how to load and view in the Developers Studio. Could someone provide some directions? There are 2 solutions that get loaded. One always reports not connected and there is not apparent way to get connected. Is there any help on how to run this demo app? The other Demo solution appears to be just a blank VB Form.
  2. Power PMAC Development Kit V 1.0.0.X (My CD is dated 08/27/13) I am having issues connecting to the Delta Tau sometimes from my VB App. It works most of the time, but it will get into a state where it stop working. Toggling power to the Power PMAC does seem to correct the problem. While it is not communicating the IDE still communicates fine and connects fine. So I would like to know what the difference is. This is the code I use to connect: see attached
  3. Could someone explain to me how to view the help in VS. Also, When I run the sample project is come up with not connected. IT is not clear how to get it to connect.
  4. I would lie this also. Can not figure out how to see the VS help
  5. I purchased this but there is no documentation. Where can I get the documentation? I need to know how to do simple communication to the controller. I need to communicate with the Power PMAC with a send command and get response capability. With Turbo PMAC we used Interop.PCOMMSERVERLib.dll. MyPort.GetResponseEx(mDevicePort, CommandString, True, Response, Status)
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