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  1. Delta tau following error fatal. Controller axis 4 & 5 during motioning we try power cycle twice to bring the unit back for temporary testing cycle but we found the brunt mark next the J3 connector ..could you please have a look what could cause this problem ? Delta tau part number SGBL4-F3-502-0604C23 Serial number :C000JYF7
  2. HI there we replaced new GEO brick controller and trying to setup the IP address as procedure that downloaded from previous Q&A . however the procedure did not work this time and pop up an message tells "cannot write to EEPROM ." while pressing the boot sw and store IP Is this something wrong with the controller ? or EEPROM write protect are enabled somehow ?
  3. Hi there , I am looking for an method to see if we can collect the communication log between controller and Host PC there are two system that I am using , ultra lite and geo brick ..
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