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18 hours ago, MoMo said:

Of course, many of our customers who use linear motors use laser interferometer measurement data and the compensation table function to compensate the motors.

Yesterday I tried the laser interferometer measurement, and the compensation value was entered into it, and it didn't feel like it was effective, and the overall trend did not change, can you tell me more details? Such as what to pay attention to something?

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Usually, for motors whose position loop is controlled by PMAC, Motor[x].CompPos is used to correct the feedback position. For the application of position loop in the driver(EtherCat), Motor[x].CompDesPos will be used to correct the command position.image.thumb.png.959ed70c5998a16603f01bff8ee5e162.png

If your compensation table is effective, observe Motor[x].CompPos or Motor[x].CompDesPos. There should be a numerical change. If there is no change, it means that the compensation table function is not effective.

The activation of the compensation table function is determined by Sys.CompEnable and the correct compensation table setting.The compensation table serial numbers must be used continuously and cannot be used at intervals.

For detailed setting procedures, please refer to the manual in the attachment.





Power PMAC 5-Day Training - December 2016.pdf

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通常,对于位置环路由 PMAC 控制的电机,Motor[x]。CompPos 用于校正反馈位置。用于在驱动器(EtherCat)中应用位置环路,电机[x]。CompDesPos 将用于校正命令位置。image.thumb.png.959ed70c5998a16603f01bff8ee5e162.png

如果您的补偿表有效,请观察 Motor[x]。CompPosMotor[x]。CompDesPos.应该有一个数字变化。如果没有变化,则表示补偿表功能无效。

补偿表函数的激活由 Sys.CompEnable 和正确的补偿表设置确定。补偿表序列号必须连续使用,不能间隔使用。


Hello, let me ask in detail, if I compensate for Actual Position - Outer and Inner loops and then my gap is a bit big and I need to compensate for the backlash, should I use the 0 meter to compensate for the Actual Position and the 1 meter to compensate for the backlash?



Power PMAC 5 天培训 - 12 月 2016.pdf 日 9.43 兆字节 · 2下载


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If you are using a direct drive motor (linear motor), you do not need to compensate for backlash. In other words, the reverse error you measure in a laser interferometer cannot be compensated and is due to mechanical precision.

The compensation table can only improve the absolute positioning accuracy of the motor, but cannot improve the repeated positioning accuracy.

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8分钟前,MoMo 说:



我可以单独赔偿吗?Forward 单独补偿一张桌子?反转另一张桌子?但是我觉得没有办法改变行程,也就是说直线电机只能这样补偿?只有丝杠可以补偿间隙?谢谢

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