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How to achieve saving I veriable only?


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When the PMACTuningPro2 is closed, it should delete any programs or PLCs it had created. Otherwise, they have to be deleted manually (or added to header download file) before issuing a Save (i.e. open plc 29 clear close, open prog 30 clear close). Regarding P and Q variables, they can be either reloaded from the editor or re-initialized (to the desired values) in a startup PLC. If no particular values are to be maintained, a P0..8191=0, and similarly Q0..8191=0 can be issued from editor/PLC. In this manner, a Save can be safely issued. Note that the .. syntax is an online command notation. Example: //=====================// Open PLC 1 Clear CMD"P1..8191=0 Q1..8191=0" ; user code added here Dis PLC 1 Close //=====================//
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