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Power Pmac Component Library with the VC++6.0


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Can i use Power Pmac Component Library in the VC++6.0 ? If i want to desine the HMI.


I highly recommend C# over VC++6.0 unless you need blazingly fast performance (Most basic HMIs running on a modern windows PC shouldn't have issues). You can download the Visual Studio "express" for free for basic use. I was skeptical of the .NET stuff a few years ago but the architects of the system did a lot of things right and you can just code faster.



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You can use the DLL with C++, but it is not native C++ code. To use C++ directly, you would have to write your own library, basically. Not impossible, but you have to be familiar with PPMAC, for sure.


Getting the DLL to work with C++ is a bit of a hack (I got it to work years ago mostly just for fun), so C# is definitely preferable like KEJR said.

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