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Backup robot motor configuration


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We are in the development stages and trying to leave all configuration settings the same, minus one motor. Basically, we want to only change the setup parameters for Motor#3. Questions:

1) We have a full .tar backup which captures the motor#3 configuration we are looking for. Can we load only motor#3 parameters using the .tar?

2) Does #1 require locating a specific file from .tar and loading the system configuration? If so, where is the file located?

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1) You won't be able to perform a partial restore. At least not through the Power PMAC IDE.

2) All the data registers are saved in a file under /Project/Configuration/pp_save.cfg


You can extract the parameters related to motor #3 and download them separately to the Power PMAC from a separate Project. Just remember that only Motor[3].XXX settings are not enough and you have to download related settings such as hardware and ECT settings related to that motor as well.



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We have noticed that when we do a restore, the motor setup parameters does not get restored. We understand that we can save those parameters using the 'Save Configuration to File' in the 'Setup Variables' but shouldn't backup/restore also retain those values as well?




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