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57EY and Σ-Ⅴ


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No.However, you can use ACC-84E with Yaskawa option which supports Sigma II/III/V encoder feedback protocol.


As far as i know,ACC-84E can read the abs position from the Motor's encode directly,but if when use the Yaskawa Motor with the Yaskawa Driver together,is't poseble to using the ACC-84E to read the position from the motor's encoder?What i worried is the SDI and SDO singnal was input/output,if only output from the encoder will be OK,but need to input,the driver and ACC-84E will fight each other.

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Can you check the settings of Pn20E & Pn210 on the Sigma 5 drive? If these settings are set to any number greater than 1, set them to 1. These are encoder feedback gearing. A 20-bit encoder should return 1,048,576 counts per revolution when these values are set to 1. The factory default for these values is set to divide by resulting in lower resolution accessible through ACC-57E.

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