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Power Pmac Develoment Kit and NC14


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You get the examples when you buy the PDK. Assuming you're in Korea, you can buy it from DT Korea or Daekhon, whose contact information is here:



J.Y. Park

701-ho, Unitech Vil.

Baekseok, Ilsan, Koyang

Kyungki-Do 411-722

South Korea

Phone: 011 82-31-813-6156

Fax: 011 82-31-813-6155






Mijin Song

1201 Ace Techno Twin Tower 1

212-1 Guro-Dong

Guro-Gu Seoul 152-050


Phone: 82 2 6675-6628

Fax: 82 2 6675-6644



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Note that our Power PMAC NC software was developed under a different platform not just with the PDK. You can purchase the NC software with the development platform:

Power PMAC NC 14 Software Development Kit (Two Runtime Licenses Included) PPNC-0000000-002-000

Site License, Redistributable, Runtime Licenses Required for deployment.

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The PDK is not designed to create an extensive program such as the PMAC NC 14. PMAC NC 14 includes many complex functions and would take a significant amount of time to re-create. If you need the functionality which is containted in NC14, but need to customize it, the Power PMAC NC 14 SDK could be a good solution.
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Here's 3 questions.


1. Is NC14 still under developing?

Why NC14 is not listed on deltatau.com?


2. I want to developement my own NC system using Turbo pmac or Power pmac and it would be used on 10~20 machines.

Is it possible to use NC software developed with NC14 SDK in that way?

What is 2-runtime license? Is license needed using my own software developed with NC14 SDK?


3. I found NC14 on the web but I have no information about it.

Can I ask NC14 manual or application example??


Thank you.

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