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How to get the abs position from an Endat2.2 with incremental encoder?


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Hello Everyone,


I'm using ACC84E with PPmac,and want to get the abs position from an Endat2.2 with incremental encoder,The type of Linear grating is LIP211,0.03125nm per count(LSB).A 36($24)-bit encoder from HEIDENHAIN.


Now the position can be read correctly throw Acc84E[1].Chan[0].SerialEncDataA and Acc84E[1].Chan[0].SerialEncDataB after some setting like:


Acc84E[1].Chan[0].SerialEncCmd =$071424;


But I can't get a valid data of the RM_bit ,it's always zero even I move the motor go throw the whole trip by hand. Of course proper command codes had been send before,like:

Acc84E[1].Chan[0].SerialEncCmd = $381424

Acc84E[1].Chan[0].SerialEncCmd = $421424


Because RM_bit is one bit of Acc84E[1].Chan[0].SerialEncDataC.SerialEncDataC is always zero,so RM_bit should be zero.


And the ACC84E very new,should be the latest firmware to support the function.


Does Anyone had using the Encoder like me? Can you give some suggestion?

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