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OMRON Analogue Servo with ACC-24E3

Matsuzawa Makoto

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I want to connect R88D-KT02H.

I tryed to connect as follows but I can't read Encoder and I can't move.

Please teach me how to connect correctly.


R88D-KT02H------------------ ACC-24E3

TREF1/VLM [14]--------------[ 1] DAC1A+

AGND [15]--------------[ 8] AGND

RUN [29]--------------[ 4] AE_NO1

ALM_COM [36]--------------[11] AE_COM1

+24VIN [ 7]---------------[12] FAULT+

/ALM [37]--------------[ 5] FAULT-


+A [21]--------------[14] CHA+

-A [22]--------------[ 6] CHA-

+B [49]--------------[13] CHB+

-B [48]--------------[ 5] CHB-

+Z [23]--------------[12] CHC+

-Z [24]--------------[ 4] CHC-


POWER SUPPLY------------- ACC-24E3

GNC --------------------------[11] AE_COM

+24V --------------------------[12] FAULT+

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When I wired the G5, I had to wire analog ground on PMAC side to Amp enable common. I also had to use a 1 k resistor to pull the G5's alarm signal up to 12 volt. I'm attaching my wiring diagram for connecting to a CK3M. PMAC side has different pin numbers than in your case, but the names should match.


I used 12 volt to match the amp fault voltage level PMAC usually receives.

G5-CK3E Pinout No Serial.pdf

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