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Repeatable IDE crash when adding similar name variables.


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I have been creating a new application and ran into a problem when defining global variables. If I type in the name of a variable that is already defined the IDE closes and reopens and I loose everything from my last save until that point. I can work around it and have started typing my variables up in notepad++ and pasting them over.


Has anyone else experienced this. Say I am creating similar arrays and I just want to append something to the end like below


global solution_east(11)

global solution_east_is_trash(11)


as soon as I type global solution_east again under the original variable the IDE crashes.


it also happens if i copy and paste the same variable. I do this regularly and maybe change the last digit or something like that. Maybe it is specific to this project I'm working inside? It's probably an intellisense thing.

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This issue is fixed in Power PMAC IDE v4.4.1.7 which is now available on the Omron Website through the "Power PMAC IDE Download" link.



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