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Connect PMAC PCI-LITE error


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Good morning, everybody, I been assign to some old projects , so I try to connect to some PMAC-PCI-Lite cards by J4 with jumper E110(1-2) or J9 to DB9 to a couple laptops, same one , who the last person connect to those cards.


I click on General Setup And Options on PMAC Devices and test and no luck, it show PMAC could not be detected.


So here it come a couple questions :


1- Is what I'm doing wrong, because I can't get connection with these PMAC Cards ?

2.- What is the procedure to achieve this connection ?


and third one :


I know the Power Clipper board has the option of use Network for establish communication with PMAC IDE, however there's any change to connect in the similar way than the old ones.


Thanks for your time, help be appreciate.

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What are the serial port settings in PMAC Devices? What are the serial port settings in the PMAC-PCI-Lite? These must be the same.


See the “PComm32 Driver Installation Instructions” in the Windows Start menu under the “PMAC Executive Pro2 Suite”. There is a chapter titled “Setting up COM Port in Pewin 32 Pro2” with complete instructions.


The PMAC-PCI-Lite only supports serial and PCI bus communications.

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OK do I need remove card from pci slot and provide separate power to the card then connect to an open com port via rs-232? or just leave it in PCI slot and set up a com port that way.  Please understand that this is my first foray into older style pmacs


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