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Error monitoring: "FileConfigErr" and also "PwrOnFault".


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When PPMAC clipper is running, suddenly it stopped working. Upon checking at IDE,

we got information in Error monitoring: "FileConfigErr" and also "PwrOnFault".


And when we tried to Build and download project, Build and download happens.

However when we give SAVE command in terminal, we get " Save did not complete. Check Sys WDTF & Log\pp_error_hist.log" file on the terminal.

And in Show output from build window, we get "Could not upload the pp_custom_ save.cfg file from the Power Pmac.".


After this we tried to reset($$$) or factory reset ($$$***) the clipper is not responding, and we get "Power PMAC Suit is Busy"


LED indication:

LEDs looks to be healthy. D10: Green, D12: No display, D15: Red after booting is over


We don't know how to progress. Pl. help

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This is can also be the result of a corrupted project.

Hi, steve. What do you mean by saying "corrupted progject"? I have done $$$***/save/$$$ before downloading my project. It's just a normal project with 14 ECAT slaves. Except for about 30 PVars in pp_custom_save.tpl, there is nothing else different in configuration folder.

It occured sometimes and log file didn't show the reasons. I can find very few document describing this problem. Can you show me some detail?

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