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  1. The device names of disk partitions are unstable; hardware reconfiguration, and adding or removing a device can cause changes in names. This is the reason why it's strongly recommended to use filesystem or partition identifiers like UUID or LABEL to indicate the device and filesystem.
  2. Hi Eric, Yes, in my code, function Send() works well and the "unsolicited message" tool of the IDE always receives what is Send() from ppmac. It is the function GetSend() taht not work well and I can not receive, in my code, what is sent from IDE/serial port 0, as I press "Send" button in "unsolicited mesage" tool. The "cx send0, "command direction is from ppmac to IDE/serial port 0, which is not what I want.
  3. Hello there, I want to send strings to IDE and get strings from it. Athough sys.cdata can be used to achieve that, but, I think, the more convenient way is to use "Unsolicited Messages" tool in IDE. I find such built-in Send()/GetSend() functions may help, as shown below. But it seems that GetSend() did not work well because the returned value is always 0, which represents how many characters ppmac has received from software serial port. Anyone can help? Hikor
  4. Hi, I think the C.S. has completed all the move by the time "dwell" start to execute. According to ppmac user mannual, one should delete lookahead buffer first before add/remove axis definition in that C.S. .Maybe it is because the controller need to re-plan its linearly-managed lookahead buffer. So, you can do like this: "dwell 10 // Stop lookahead execution cmd "&1 delete lookahead" cmd "&1 undefine" sendallcmds" Hikor
  5. Many thanks to Steve to help solving this problem. It is the fload command planned in my startup plc that corrupted Linux booting and it gets ok after delete it.
  6. Hi, steve. What do you mean by saying "corrupted progject"? I have done $$$***/save/$$$ before downloading my project. It's just a normal project with 14 ECAT slaves. Except for about 30 PVars in pp_custom_save.tpl, there is nothing else different in configuration folder. It occured sometimes and log file didn't show the reasons. I can find very few document describing this problem. Can you show me some detail?
  7. Hello there, Anyone shows more detailed resons that directly cause Sys.FileConfigErr? It happened on my controller CK3E occassionally when powered up .
  8. B.T.W, function GetCoordDesPos() seems to add very much load to CPU[0], maybe it's better for users to perform axis position read in script environment.
  9. Oh, got it. Thank you so much, steve and Eric!
  10. struct coorddata* csdata; unsigned inttt=1; void user_plcc() { pshm->P[0]=GetCoordPos(inttt,csdata); pshm->P[1]++; pshm->P[2]=csdata[6].data; } Hello there, I tried to query axis actpos in cplc, using function GetCoordPos(). Axis X/Y/Z were assigned to CS1 and X positon is non-zero. When running this cplc, p0..p2 always stays 0, ending up with background WDT trip Sys.WDTFault=1.Function GetCoordPos() seems to have been got stucked all the time. Anyone knows?
  11. Replace "*sos_tmp++;" with "(*sos_tmp)++;". In your code, just the target address was shifted, not the value ++.
  12. Maybe the modle in your PPMAC library is different from the one actually connected. So, delete it after selecting the amplifier and do it again.
  13. Recently, I came up against this problem too, where power umac and ecc24e3 are used on an laser marking system. That is: 1). if motor starts in between compA and compB, gate3[0].chan[0].equ toggles only when motor ran toward positive direction, not in negative. 2). if gate3[0].chan[0].equwrite=1 is set after compA/compB setting action, as is said in user manual, next auto-incrementing will be disabled. But I found only when motor current position is less than compA and compB, EQU function works well, but if motor current position is bigger than compA and compB, gate3[0].chan[0].equ won't toggle on first compare position. 3). if no gate3[0].chan[0].equwrite setting is done after compA/compB setting action, as is said in user manual, auto-incrementing will be enabled automatically. But I found if motor current position is less than compA and compB, gate3[0].chan[0].equ still toggled at the first compare event, but if motor position is bigger than them , it worked well, that is skipping first toggling action. As Charles said above, it's a bug and "will" fixed on "next" version. So, could you please tell me from which version has this bug been fixed? Can I fix it if you send me a patch?
  14. 1. It is the default project created by IDE v3.1.4.0, only with build action of "usrcode.c" changed from "content" to "compile". 2. The software manual says the range of Gate3.IntCtrl is $0~$00FFFFFF, 24bits then. Why $ffffffff in my test? 3. This default Gate3.IntCtrl=$f00 means that all capture has occured? But the corresponding high byte of Gate3.IntCtrl have not been set yet.
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